About Us

Where it all started

The name kaniz is a remembrance and a thank-you to my grandmother. She inspired the brand with her love of the cultural melting pot of Zanzibar itself – a nation that brings together beauty, health, and wellness traditions from Africa, India, Oman and Persia.

For her, the path to personal happiness was to enrich the lives
of others by helping them to feel, live, and look their best.

At kaniz, we continue her tradition today.

what inspired


Inspired by the wisdom and ancient wellness traditions of Zanzibar, we created a range of hair and body care products formulated to enhance both your health and beauty.

We infuse our products with unique signature fragrances, carefully composed in concert with the world’s finest perfumers to evoke your senses and enhance your wellbeing.

our unique


Fragrance is far more than a simple scent. When crafted with purpose and blended to perfection, a harmony of aromas has the power to infuse your world with joy, peace, and passion. It can revitalise, restore, and uplift your mind, body, and soul.